Better Leadership = Better Dollars

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As leaders within our business, we often believe that our profits are generated 100% from those who purchase our goods and services. Although that may be true on the surface, one of the biggest barriers standing between you and your profits are your employees! The environment and culture they find themselves in can impede (or enhance) performance. Simply stated, the higher the stress, the lower their productivity. The lower the stress, the higher their productivity. Higher productivity equals higher profits. Increasing productivity is not about communicating expectations, it’s about connecting your staff/team with those expectations.



Surveys show that 78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, surveys such as this cause big societal voices to proselytize your employees to feel they are not being compensated fairly. Instead of discussing ways to help society improve their personal finances, society is inspiring them to shift blame.  So, for more and more employers, what is the answer?

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If you want to increase your bottom line, help employees increase theirs. Basic money management break-out sessions or keynotes at your next conference can be one of the most effective ways to improve your employee’s personal financial situation without breaking your bottom line. Going back to the basics of budgeting, saving, and debt reduction can get them on the right financial track and reduce the amount of stress they bring to work with them each day. Help them understand, through a highly entertaining event, that financial success is not defined by the zeroes in their paycheck, financially successful life is defined by the number of zeroes they keep and save out of their paycheck.


Ever wonder why you do what you do or say what you say? Do you wonder why a team member does what they do or says what they say? The answer is simple: everything we do is driven by fulfilling the basic needs our personality desires. Consequently, if you build a team or assign projects to your team that don’t fulfill the basic inner needs of the individuals on your team, over time morale and productivity will decline and costly turnover will increase.

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The Dynamic Personalities is designed to do just that. This interactive team building discovery session is designed to provide your team with a greater understanding of how their personality impacts others on the team. They will learn to recognize certain traits and styles that differ from theirs so they then can communicate in a different manner to achieve higher connection.  Gain a better understanding of you and your team through a short 20-30-minute personality assessments. Training everyone how to apply the results then can provide them with a unique perspective and tools necessary for better team design, project assignment, and improved employer to employee and employee to employee connection.

Better Leadership = Better dollars.

Our corporate leadership training programs result in measurable and sustainable change—lower attrition, increased employee satisfaction, business goals being met, and more. Participants leave ready to deploy the new skills and mindsets they learn.


Corporate Leadership Training

Corporate Team Building

Human Resource Programs & Events

Corporate Conferences – Keynote

Corporate Conference – Breakout Session


A complete personality assessment

Identification of your main strengths

Review of keys to excellence (overcoming challenges)

Review of your value in a team environment

Tips on how others can best work with you

Tips for effective communication and presentations

What to emphasize with others

Understanding your motivation and behavior

Understanding your communication style

Understanding your decision-making style

Insights for professional growth

Insights for long-term development

How to lead others

How to relate better with others

Recognizing in-control vs. out-of-control behavior

Individual Leadership Inputs

This list of inputs below describes many of the data points collected from individual participants for Corporate Leadership Assessments.



Language Barriers

Morale Temperature






Corporate Leadership Outcomes

This list below describes many of the data point outcomes that participants may receive from Corporate Leadership Assessment results.

Improved Communication

Improved Morale


Team Buy-In

Team Game Plan

Reliable Bench

Group Think


Peak Performance


Better Leadership | Better Dollars

Financial Intelligence

Personal Awareness

Personal Management

Social Awareness

Relationship Management

Personality Styles






Communicating is NOT connecting

Speak the language

Productivity & Performance

Going through the motions

Closing the gap between potential and performance


It’s not about the money

Satisfying the soul

Trust & Integrity

Working in the shadows

Representing well

Generational Segregation

Missing the wisdom

Appreciating our differences


Looking to greener pastures

Create raving fans

Isolation & Disconnection

Present in body only

Bringing the lost back into the flock


Lack of appreciation

Value of their input


Wasted dollars

Creating Longevity


No reason to show up

Finding significance

Representative Client List:


“I am Director from a Cybersecurity professional services firm based out of the Philadelphia area.  As our team grew I knew it was important to engage my team in formal training of different personality types and how to get the most out of diverse project teams.
Gary did a fantastic job of facilitating a leadership DISC workshop with my team.  The workshop was very collaborative and did not feel like we were being presented to which can result in people losing interest.  Everyone was engaged during the entire workshop and I saw a lot of lightbulbs going on across the room as to acknowledging that 1) different personality and work types exist and 2) interacting with these different personality and work types require different techniques.  Several people came up to me or e-mailed me after the workshop to tell me how much they enjoyed it and thought it was a beneficial exercise.
Gary’s clear communication style, enthusiasm around the topic, and energy he brings to the room made him a great facilitator and someone I would recommend to any organization looking to train their employees in leadership skills.”
Carl Angeloff | Security Risk Advisors

“Gary is an outstanding communicator.  He is able to articulate concepts and facilitate dialogue in ways that are engaging and that lead to actionable takeaways that make a real difference.”

Jim Stout | President Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation 

“Funny, entertaining, yet educational. A great presenter and fund workshop for any size organization.”

Paula Bracken | Howard Hannah Realtor

“Loved the content. It was interesting and insightful. I am looking forward to using it with both my stand and clients.”

Shannon Sottile | Mosaic Wealth Consulting

“It really opened my eyes to why I had difficulty with some co-workers. It was a real ‘ah-ha!’ moment.”

Linda Mitchell | Downtown Indiana

“Not only did Gary help me better understand myself, but he helped me better understand how to find and build value with other personalities. I am looking forward to applying this to my personal & professional life.”

Alexis Blose | GCES




Gary Arblaster's systematic process to each challenge allows his clients to DISCOVER the areas that hinder growth & performance, ANALYZE the answers found within the weeds of discovery, and ADJUST their approach that enables them to spark the fuel for growth.

Corporate Leadership = Better Dollars

Arblaster Consulting's passion for teaching and empowering corporate management to uniquely connect with their team often contributes to lower stress and increased productivity.

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